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We take pride in the ingredients we choose. Every ingredient that goes into The Good Rub's formulas has an important job to do. Whether delivering essential moisture, encouraging healing, reducing inflammation or providing nurturing protection, each element is painstakingly selected for its particular effects and interaction with the others. Your skin is your largest organ and needs to be treated with love and respect. Unfortunately, the skin is often overlooked, mistreated or neglected. If you are on a journey to whole wellness, the things you choose to put in AND ON your body become as important as the breath you take. We recognize the importance of this and develop formulas that are functional-in-nature, literally. Our products are paraben and phthalate free and many of them are vegan too!


organic materials

The idea of supporting other local businesses is very important to us. When sourcing our raw materials, we do our best to find local sources. If there is a choice between organic and non-organic, rest assured, we select the organic options.


with love, joy, vitality, and compassion

Do you ever think that the energy used to make the products you use, could potentially change their effectiveness? We DO. We believe that if the person making our products does so from a balanced state-of-mind, with an energy containing love, joy and vitality, those emotions and energy will transfer into the products, therefor enhancing their effectiveness. These are the ingredients that cannot be bought. We want to offer you an experience in whole body care that comes from the outside, in AND the inside, out. Enhancing your skin and body is just as important as enhancing your soul.

self-care is health-care


My wife & I happened to sample the body balm from 'The Good Rub''s booth from last Friday's Street Fair in Roseville. I tried it on my right hand specifically on my right thumb's joint. I've an arthritic type of joint pain which I've been suffering from for over a year. The pain is sharp & bothersome with any hand/finger movement or even when touching or massaging the joint. I applied a very small amount of body balm and, I kid you not, no exaggeration, the pain was gone in less than a minute. In fact, I tried to touch & massage the joint to make it hurt and there was no sign of pain at all. My joint was pain-free that whole evening until the following day and the following day. I really never had to apply it again, but I did anyway after a day just to make sure it doesn't come back. I have bought & applied so many types of pain relief creams in the past but nothing worked. It was all a waste of money. I am still awed & amazed on how this product worked instantly and got rid of the pain completely. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from any joint pain like I did. My wife & I can't stop talking about this product with our family. Thank you Rebecca for coming up with such an amazing product. We are your customers for life.

Joe Cabrera

self-care is health-care


I was gifted Butter Me Up for my birthday. I love this product. It is a lovely light scent, a bit lemongrass like. A nice texture, soft and spreadable, not oily. A little bit goes a long way. And it works to ease pain. Again, it works to ease my pain. Nicely made and well done. Like many I have had my fair share of bumps and bruises in life, sore joints, metal implants and long days working and playing at demanding physical tasks. I will be buying more and trying other The Good Rub products - and gifting them to others.

Sweet Loretta

self-care is health-care


I am an admitted chapstick addict- I have used Chapstick brand my whole life I suppose and have applied it at least every waking hour for years. I started using The Good Rub's 'Lip Service' and within 2-3 days I was cured of my previous 'addiction'. It's like the product actually healed me. I apply this maybe twice per day now for softness and it is absolutely lovely.

Morgan M Smith

self-care is health-care


My sciatica come on pretty strong in May of this past year. I was waking up at around 3:30 am in severe pain for months, affecting my energy throughout the day. It all changed when my wife and I came across The Good Rub at the Natomas Farmers Market and had an opportunity to get a sample of the Warm Me Up. It changed everything. I put some on sciatic nerve (inner thigh) before going to sleep and I actually get to sleep in. Of course, the pain is never 100% gone but it has helped tremendously. Thank you!

Cynthia Mejia

self-care is health-care


After an intense surgery and finding nothing to help my raw healing skin I was pointed to The Good Rub by a friend. Not only does it help my sore raw skin feel better, my nails and cuticles are loving it as well. I had to order more salve quickly because my husband keeps using it on his feet too! Thank you for making wonderful products.

Gail Cornelsen

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