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Our Story

Pain to Passion
through the


of Mother Earth and Caring People

Through pain we often find our purpose. The Good Rub started with severe discomfort, a desperate need for relief, and a gracious soul who used her resourceful nature to create her tools.

The Good Rub products are handcrafted thoughtfully with sustainably sourced, earth-based ingredients and offer a myriad of functions. What sets us apart from other body care companies is that we specialize in developing formulas that help promote a healthy inflammatory response and maintain circulatory health, but we also take care to formulate with the skin and beauty conscious consumer in mind as well. The Good Rub’s products are practical, unique, and cost effective. We believe in achieving functionality through nature without sacrificing aesthetics.

Rebecca Holley


``I believe that we have immediate access to tools that can help us to be the best and healthiest we can be, we just need to dust them off or seek them out and use them! I feel blessed to have been resourceful and desperate enough to create many of my own tools and now is passionate about sharing them and other tools and practices with those who are seeking alternative options. Now pharma-free, I continue in my mission to find my whole wellness and absolutely love counseling others in their journey to whole wellness as well. I refuse to let my invisible illness define me or stop me from helping others. I like to say that my pain shapes my purpose``.