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Through pain we often find our purpose. The Good Rub started with severe discomfort, a desperate need for relief, and a gracious soul who used her resourceful nature to create her tools. We are family owned and operated and pride ourselves on quality and sustainability.

Our products are handcrafted thoughtfully with sustainably sourced, earth-based ingredients and offer a myriad of functions. What sets us apart from other body care companies is that we specialize in developing formulas that help to promote a healthy inflammatory response and maintain circulatory health, but we also take care to formulate with the skin and beauty conscious consumer in mind as well. The Good Rub’s products are practical, unique, and cost effective. We believe in achieving functionality through nature without sacrificing aesthetics.

We have expanded our business to include not only wholesale options, but white label and private label opportunities as well. We are excited to help other business owners diversify and offer new therapeutic tools to their customer bases.

Rebecca - The Good Rub


"I was raised in a small, mountain town called Truckee, CA where I was taught a lot about survival and using my available tools and resources to solve problems. I have dealt with chronic pain almost my entire life, and manage Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome daily, but I like to say that my pain actually inspired my purpose. Using herbs and other therapeutic practices, I managed to get myself off of 15 pharmaceutical medications. My resourcefulness has, for the last 10 years, taught me how to create plant-powered, functional self-care products, and for that I am eternally grateful. I thoroughly enjoy being able to help others find tools that inspire goodness and self-care into their daily lives, as well as helping other entrepreneurs diversify in the wellness space".

Rebecca Holley - Founder, The Good Rub