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These jade chi rollers are excellent for massaging facial tissue and skin. Facial massage is excellent for increasing blood flow and oxygen which will give your skin the nutrients and hydration it needs.

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Use these jade chi rollers to improve elasticity, detoxify, and increase circulation.  Jade is a semi-precious gemstone used in traditional Chinese medicine. The Jade stone has been used for thousands of years in China dating back to 7th Century. It’s known for it’s cooling properties in revitalizing vital energies and maintaining body fluid. The use of the Jade stone rollers helps improve Chi circulation by stimulating the meridian points.

This jade chi roller includes a large rolling stone and a small rolling stone. The large stone will be best for larger areas like cheeks and forehead, and the small stone is great for smaller areas like eyes, chin and nose.

To use: After cleansing, simply roll the stones over the face for a minute or two without adding additional pressure. Rolling stones can be used with almost any facial moisturizer or oil. We recommend using with either Butter Me Up Stimulating Shea or Butter Me Up Calming Cocoa as they both contain many anti-inflammatory benefits. You can also put the roller in the refrigerator or freezer for added cooling benefits.

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