DIY Lip Balm KitLavender Body ButterBody ScrubFor our wholesale orders, we prefer to use Tundra for a few different reasons. The first reason, to save you money. We pay Tundra to help us to spread the love of The Good Rub, and in return, we are able to offer most buyers FREE SHIPPING.
Given the nature of the majority of our packaging (glass) it can get very expensive for our buyers to pay for shipping on top of product cost, so Tundra helps us make our products easier to buy. We are happy to take a wholesale order via email, with the understanding that the buyer pays the shipping costs. We also offer local pick-up for those in the Northern California area.

To purchase wholesale, please click on this link to start a Tundra account.

If you would like to place an order via email, please email info@thegoodrub.com
with the following items:

- Your Name
- Business Name
- Website
- Contact Details
- Completed Resale Certificate

We will contact you with our catalog and wholesale pricing information. 
Are you looking to white label these products? Or interested in contract manufacturing or private label formulation? Check out our partner laboratory - Extropy Laboratories!