Lavender Shower Steamers

Lavender Shower Steamers

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These effervescent tablets will generate some excitement and make you feel refreshed. Our Citrus Shower Steamers turn your shower in to an aromatic and therapeutic spa experience.


Our Lavender Shower Steamers are effervescent tablets that contain Menthol Crystals and Lavender Essential Oil. This formula is designed to relax and calm the body by reducing tension making it perfect for bed time. Our Lavender Shower Steamers are an excellent way to create a spa-like experience in your own home with no mess! These single-use cubes are even a great travel size.

Shower Steamers are great for the every day shower taker, the no bath having, spa craving, and even the bath hating human! They can be very helpful during cold season or for those dealing with troubled breathing.

To use: Simply place one cube on the floor of your shower in a place where you won't trip on it and it get's a little water here and there. You want it out of direct water flow as it will fizzle out very quickly if it sits in water or is in direct flow. If you see it stop fizzing, add a little more water. Then watch, smell and enjoy the magic! Be sure to wash hands before touching your eyes as they carry a high concentration of menthol.

Here is a video of how the steamer works

The 4 pack is enough for 4 showers.
The 8 Pack is enough for 8 showers.
Each steamer weighs .75 oz

Our Shower Steamers come in a several aromas inspired by the therapeutic benefits we want to provide. You can find all of the variations in Shower Goods.